HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Pro

HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Pro

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HEAD SIZE: 100sq in

BALANCE: 315mm / 1in HL

LENGTH: 27in

BEAM: 22mm


This one goes for the wow-factor. Recommended by Novak Djokovic, the Speed Pro combines many detailed design elements inspired by Novak's favourite animal, the Falcon and state-of-the-art technologies into a speedy package. The new Graphene Touch technology provides an incredible touch, solid dampened feel and great sound while the 18x20 string pattern gives optimum control to the advanced tournament player. The racquet also features several falcon-inspired design elements such as an iconic feather plumage stealth pattern and a falcon head integrated into the SPEED logo. If you need the perfect combination of control and speed with a head-turning design, this detail-loving racquet should be your very first choice. Just ask Novak.

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HEAD Tennis is introducing the Graphene Touch Technology with Less Shock and More Wow power into the 2017 line of Speed Racquet Series. The Speed Racquet is recommended by ATP ranked world number 1 Tennis Star, Novak Djokovic.